Tattoos For Women – A New Fashion Accessory?

The popularity of tattoos among women is growing at an unprecedented rate. Over the past ten years, the number of women lining up at doors of tattoo studios has rocketed.

Tattoos For Women - A New Fashion Accessory?Tattoos are now a mainstream fashion accessory for women, occupying the same category as shoes and handbags.

However, tattoos haven’t always been popular among women. Fifty years ago, tattoos were almost the exclusive preserve of men. Only ten percent of tattoos belonged to women.

And as recently as the 1980’s there was a general belief in society that a women who got tattooed was a criminal.

These days, things are completely different. The traditional stereotypes and stigmas that surrounded tattoos have been swept away and women have the confidence to wear their tattoos with pride. Women are now responsible for 65% of all tattoos.

In fact the market for female tattoos has grown so rapidly that as many as one in four women in the US have a tattoo.

But apart from the change in the number of women who are getting tattooed, the female tattoo market has undergone a couple of significant changes.

1) Tattoo Placement

Previously, women who wanted a tattoo felt the need to position them on a part of their body where they could be kept well hidden. But these days women are proud of their tattoo designs and as such are placing them in more visible areas.

The stomach and lower back are two of the most popular areas for tattoo placement. This suggests that women want to have the choice of whether or not to display their designs.

It also indicates that most women now have the confidence to select a more sexual placement of their tattoo designs. Other popular locations for female tattoos include ankles and the front of the hips.

2) Tattoo Designs

Tattoos For Women - A New Fashion Accessory?The type of tattoo designs that women want have also changed. In the past, the few women who got a tattoo opted for something small, discreet and well hidden, such as a name, a small flower or a cute design.

Today, the tattoo designs chosen by women are generally larger and much bolder. Increasingly, women are willing to experiment with the size and style of tattoos.

The most popular designs now include shooting stars, fairies, butterflies and unicorn. Larger tribal and celtic designs placed on the lower back are also incredibly popular.

But beyond that, many women now have the confidence to seek out custom tattoo designs that will be unique to them. They’re more style conscious than men, so they’re no longer happy strolling into the tattoo studio, taking a quick glance through the catalog and becoming another one of the thousands who already wear the same design.

Instead, women tend to take their time when searching for their perfect tattoo. They’re more likely to select a custom design, but only after ample consideration of how it will look and make them feel.

This allows them to leave the tattoo studio with a design that they can wear with confidence and pride.

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